The following design will input numbers into an array of doublewords, using the sentinel value -9999 to terminate input.

nbrElts := 0

get address of array

prompt for and input number

while number l= -9999 loop

add 1to nbrElts

store number at address

add 4 to address

prompt for and input number end while

end while

lmplement this design in a windows32 program that uses a dialog box to prompt for and input each number. Assume that no more than 100 numbers will be entered. Use a single message box to report the sum of the numbers and how many numbers were entered (not counting the sentinel value).

Extra Credit :

Using the above program, display in the same message box the following additional calculations: The average of the numbers The count of the array entries that are greater than or equal to the average value Calculate the difference of the sums of the differences, that is, subtract the average for the first number and add that to a total, then subtract the average from the second number and add it to the total. Continue until you have done this for all numbers in the array