There are many renewable energy sources available today. As technology advances, these energy sources will become more widely used. How did these sources come about? What are they used for today? What does the future hold for them? In this presentation, your will explore a renewable energy sources and find the answers to these questions.

You will give a detailed presentation on one of the following resources :

• Biofuels. • Geothermal energy. • Hydrogen fuel cell.

The presentation should be six to eight slides in length and should include this information:

• Title. • Introduction – gives an overview of the presentation. • HI story of the resource. • Current research and technology of the resource. • Future of the resource. • Conclusion. • Sources – list the websites and other sources you used.

Remember to make a list (bulleted, numbered, etc.) on each slide. The slides should feature highlights of the main idea. The bullet points should be short phrases (at most, one sentence) that highlight some key points.