Position Paper

Assignment (4–5 pages, APA format)

Instructions: select a profile of an individual who is representative of a population that is considered an “at-risk,” marginalized, or oppressed group. Then, you will assume this profile and use the perspective to evaluate the impact of different policies on this individual profile. Finally, explore the position on the policy from the perspective of the individual profile. In addition to a minimum of 6-8 scholarly references, which may include electronic government documents and reputable referenced sites.

****The selected individual for the assignment is President Barack Obama

The paper should include:

* A description of the individuals profile you selected

* A description of the individual’s represented population that is considered to be an “at-risk,” marginalized, or oppressed group

* An description/evaluation of the impact of social and policies from the perspective of the individual you selected


* President Barack Obama can be considered to be at risk and marginalized, oppressed because he is an minority; think about his culture and how society tried to use that against him during his presidency.

* His impact amongst the social policy during his presidency