Assignment: Write an argument of definition pertaining to some term or concept related to work, employment, or career. 1000 words

You will be required to use a minimum of three of the essays from Chapter 5 of Acting Out Culture and/or other sources that have been distributed or viewed (including Frontline: “Two American Families”), meaning that you have quoted, used correct documentation, and prepared the Works Cited page.

Each of the themed chapters of readings in Acting Out Culture has an introduction explaining the purpose of the choices and the positions of the authors. You should read the introduction and review the questions at the end of each reading, as well as review the notes from class discussions, to understand the issue and to select essays that will provide support both for your claims and for your counterarguments.

For guidelines and specifics on how to complete the assignment, be sure to consider the material in Chapter 9 of Everything’s an Argument (including the examples at the end of the chapter), as well as paying close attention to any other documents in the assignment folder.


All formal writing assignments for this class must be word processed, use 12-point font (Times New Roman, Calibri), and be double-spaced. For an example of proper MLA formatting, see pages 485-486 of Everything’s an Argument.


All formal writing assignments will be submitted electronically to a designated “drop box.” I will step the class through the process of submitting a paper electronically in an upcoming class session.