Format: Double-spaced, six-page minimum (I expect to see from six to ten pages) in legible size 12 font (no Courier, please). Full APA citation required and will be graded. Outside sources are mandatory and must include your textbooks and at least two outside sources.

Grading:You are expected to analyze and synthesize the material, not simply regurgitate it. Your final exam counts for 200 points. A full grade will be deducted for each day that the exam is late. I will be looking for quality writing (no grammar/spelling mistakes, clear sentences, an organized answer, original thinking, an understanding of the material, etc.)

Grading Rubric:

Content 100/200

Citation 50/200

Grammar 50/200

Total 200/200

*Citation grade includes reference to material and proper use of citations to support your work


1.What has happened to the female incarceration rate since the mid 1980’s? How does this compare with the changes in the male incarceration rate? What do you think has caused this?

2.You have seen and read a lot about some of the systemic issues in criminal justice for females (professionals and clients). What area would you be interested in improving and how would you go about it? Please include academic research to back-up your proposal.

3.Do you support or negate feminist theories on female offenders? Should there be separate theories about females? Should gender-specific programs be supported?

4.How have get-tough policies such as the war on drugs become a war on female offenders?

5.Please list at least three reentry issues for women and provide concrete suggestions on how these might be mitigated.

6.What have you taken away from this class that you feel is relevant? What do you feel should have been covered that was not or at least not covered sufficiently? What will you remember about this class years from now?