In 2-3 paragraphs, if you had the choice of keeping either your vision or your hearing, which would you choose? How would losing one of these effect your life? How could you cope with the loss of this sense?

Please remember spelling and grammar counts toward your grade in everything you do for the class.

1 page long


For a period of 5 days and 5 nights keep a log of your sleeping habits. – just write from your own experience

How many hours are you sleeping each night? Are you sleeping through the night or waking various times? Are you napping during the day? Put the information you gathered into a bar graph. Please record any dreams you are having throughout the 5 nights. You will need to take your findings and summarize them in paragraph format stating what you learned about your sleeping habits. Do you feel your dreams interfered with your sleeping habits? If so, how?
Please remember you need to write in complete sentences. Spelling and grammar will count towards your grade on all assignments.