Make an introduction |

Make an introduction  |

Please make an introduction based on this prompt :

1). Discuss how social and cultural factors are important in shaping gender roles, in particular, why it’s difficult for women to attain positions of power within prestigious fields. 

For example:

His heart started to stop. My mother took notice and began her procedure. She recalled all the years of her schooling and recalled the proper method to resuscitate someone: CPR. She pumps the chest, counting up to three, blowing into the patient’s mouth. His heart begins to stabilize, but she proceeds, pumping, until the doctor arrives. Finally, it’s too late and my mother, the nurse, has one of her patients die right before her eyes, on her eleventh hour of work.

  As soon as she gets home, her work isn’t done: she has her second shift. There’s cleaning up after a long day, tending to the clothes upstairs, and getting the necessary ingredients to prepare for dinner. At six in the evening, she is barely getting started. (state the problem). This is ongoing for not only my mother, but other women as well in society who are forced to work harder than men, but does it have to be this way. Some people say …….Other say……