operating systems 6

operating systems 6


In this question, we explore some applications and limitations of a stateless packet filtering firewall. For each of the question, briefly explain how the firewall should be configured to defend against the attack, or why the firewall cannot defend against the attack.

    • Can the firewall prevent a SYN flood denial-of-service attack from the external network?
    • Can the firewall prevent a Smurf attack from the external network? Recall that as we discussed in the class before, the Smurf attack uses the broadcast IP address of the subnet.
    • Can the firewall prevent external users from exploiting a security bug in a CGI script on an internal web server (the web server is serving requests from the Internet)?
    • Can the firewall prevent an online password dictionary attack from the external network on the telnet port of an internal machine?
    • Can the firewall prevent a user on the external network from opening a window on an X server in the internal network? Recall that by default an X server listens for connections on port 6000
    • Can the firewall block a virus embedded in an incoming email?
    • Can the firewall be used to block users on the internal network from browsing a specific external IP address?

    Write all these questions, with no plagarism. Each question should contain 2 paragraphs.

  • Refer the below power point to answer these.