Sunset Boulevard Abbott and Costello, film homework help |

Sunset Boulevard Abbott and Costello, film homework help  |

Hello dude how are you doing? I hope you doing fine For now I need you to choose two of these films and do compare with them.

Here are the films: “just pick two films” Invasion of the Body Snatchers Bicycle Thieves Sunset Boulevard Abbott and Costello. And here is the requirements:

The second paper will be devoted to critical academic (scholarly) research, approximately 10-12 pages in MLA format or another style you have followed in your major, adhering to sound research methods and practices.

I expect that this paper will be concise, sharply focused on one subject with a fair degree of cogency, and accurately referenced wherever citations are necessary.

We will discuss potential topics in class for each paper.

All papers must be double-spaced with only your name and course title and section at the top left of the first page; number all pages.

I will not accept any paper that features only websites as sources and I insist on the use of your texts; academic, peer-reviewed journal articles; and other books, periodicals, and newspapers, and then websites that you can authenticate as scholarly in nature, factually accurate, and credible and verifiable as sources for this course.

Due December 8. 35% Make sure not less than 2850 words and make easy to understand if you have any question please let me know Thanks