the Latino culture and American culture, writing homework help |

the Latino culture and American culture, writing homework help  |

Make sure you respond to this two posts engaging as to what your thoughts are on the post they have written.

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post 1:

I do think that there has been a large increase of Latino talent in film, television, and theater. More then ever we have seen actresses and actors play leading roles. However, the issue is not with the exposure of Latino’s in media, but more of the stereotyped images they are given. Although some of these Latino’s were born in America, they are subjected to the typical stereotypical role that Latinos have always been given. In order for there to be a reasonable balance, I think that actors and actresses need to expand their roles. Instead of playing roles typically cast to Latino’s play in roles that should by an American. This is because, in the end, Americans are a variety of people. A typical American role should not always have to be played by a Caucasian actor or actress. Especially having to deal with Southern California, where a majority of people are Latino, roles of these characters should be played by Latinos. American culture should not be represented solely by Caucasian people because that would be a complete misinterpretation. America is made up of all different types of people. That is what makes our country so great. In order to be fair, our media should be representative of the diversity that is present in the US.

post 2:

Being a third generation Mexican-American myself, I’ve seen integration first hand from when I was young until now and listening to my parents and especially grandparents speak about how things were so different in the past. There has been big breakthroughs in the entertainment industry than ever before with a great deal of Latino actors and actresses as well as Latino music artists. I still feel there is a lot of ground to be covered in this industry. There is by no means a reasonable balance with Latino actors or any other non white race for that matter. I think last years hash tag at the Oscars (#OscarsSoWhite) speaks volumes of where we are in the entertainment industry and that transcends into our culture overall. I think living in Socal gives us more opportunities to be exposed to the beauties of Latino culture like New York, Miami, New York, and even Denver, but as a whole I think there is a huge part of this country that is oblivious to the impact of what Latinos have and are continuing to bring to the entertainment industry. With actors like Benicio Del Toro, Salma Hayek, and director Guillermo Del Toro, there is a lot of Latino exposure going on but I still think the roles are exclusive to stereotypes and I think that bridge still needs to be crossed with all cultures in the front of cinema and theatre.